The Guardianship Committee shall review, study, and recommend legislative, agency, and other action to address the problems arising under the Florida guardianship statute and how better to implement the Florida Legislature’s goals as stated therein.

Meeting Schedule

Second Tuesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. Eastern
Conference Call


Twyla L. Sketchley

The Sketchley Law Firm, P.A.
Tallahassee, FL

Vice Chair

Melissa F. Williams

Finley Williams Law, PA
St. Petersburg, FL

Vice Chair

Michelle Kenney

Sunrise, FL
(954) 372-7569

Stephanie Villavencecio

Howie Krooks

Victoria Heuler

Lynn Belo

Genny Bernstein

Sam Boone

Karen Campbell

Catherine Davey

Chante Jones

Amy Mason Collins

Lourdes Corvo

Nicklaus Curley

Danielle Faller

Debra Slater

Ellen Morris

Evett Simmons

Gerald Hemness

Bill Johnson

David Hook

Jose Rodriquez

Karen Murillo

Carolyn Landon

Larry Levy

Marjorie Wolasky

Max Solomon

Helen McGoech

Michelle Farkas

Shannon Miller

Paul Lemieux

Renee Peppy

Ronda D. Gluck

Kandace Rudd

Heather Samuels

Mary K Wimsett

Ginger Lore

Lisa Gelman

Daniel Smith

Phelicia Stiell

Joseph Stella

Amanda Kania

Stacy Rubel

Judge Hudson

Steve Hitchcock

Pam Keller

Adam Owens

Laura Stewart

Ellen Cheek


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