Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation

Florida seniors are often victims of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. The issues are wide-ranging and include domestic violence, breaches of fiduciary duty by professionals and family, and financial scams which target vulnerable seniors. Those victimized are from all socio-economic levels and live throughout the State.

The Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation (ANE) Committee seeks to hear from and educate its members about the various faces of ANE and to determine how best to address the issues identified. The Committee focuses on currently available remedies and those yet to be developed. The Committee coordinates with the Legislative committee of the Elder Law and other relevant sections of the Bar for the benefit of Florida’s vulnerable seniors.


Ellen L. Cheek

Bay Area Legal Services
Tampa, FL


Karen C. Murillo

AARP Florida
Tallahassee, FL

2023-2024 Members

Ellen Cheek
Karen Murillo
Johan Green
Katianna Mazard
Alex Sabo II
Amanda Dorio
Aubrey Ducker
Brenda Mezick
Caitlyn Clibbon
Cathy Lerman
Chante Jones
Daniel Perry
David Sterling
David Weintraub
Edmund Gegan
Elena George
Ellen Cheek
Elsa Van Gorp
Gabriel Goldberg
Genna Fasullo LaPeer
George Paul (G. Paul) Lemieux
Gerard (Jerry) Flood
Juan Antúnez
Karen Campbell
Karen Murillo
Kevin Pillion
Marilyn (Lynn) Belo
Matthew Linde
Max Solomon
Melanie Burpee
Melissa Barnhardt
Melva Harris-Rozier
Michael Norvell
Patricia Cowart
Phelicia Stiell
Rima Nathan
Shannon Miller
Shelley Perry
Sherrille (Sherri) Akin
Susan Anderson
Victoria Heuler
Willa Russell
Zachary (Zack) Rothman
Amber Zeuner
Sylvana Rosende

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