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Special Needs Trusts in Florida (Part I) CLE Course (watch course)
Special Needs Trusts in Florida (Part I) Course Book
The Florida Bar Elder Law Section and The Florida Bar CLE Committee originally presented this course on June 17, 2016.  The course is being made available in advance of Special Needs Trusts in Florida (Part II): Administration Issues, scheduled March 22, 2019, in Tampa.  Please note, the 2016 course is no longer eligible for CLE credit.

A. New 200-203 Final SNT 2018 POMS with Table of Contents

B. New 200 POMS Showing Substantive Additions/Deletions

C. New 201 POMS Showing Substantive Additions/Deletions

D. New 202 POMS Showing Substantive Additions/Deletions

E. New 203 POMS Showing Substantive Additions/Deletions

F. New ABLE POMS Showing Substantive Additions/Deletions

G. 200 + 201 + 203 Markups

H. Top Takeaways from Initial Review of New POMS